-Quick time-
To whatch those movies,
Quick time is necessary.

1.Junbo when he was a child.(98kb) 2001/06/??
2.He is saying "Unbo"(171kb) 2001/11/23
3.In his cage.(231kb) 2001/11/25
4.Junbo with my dog,"Love"(126kb) 2001/11/25
5.Junbo is cratched in the head by me. (208kb) 2001/11/25
6.The teething ring of the toy. (208kb) 2001/11/29
7.Miumiu wants to behave to Junbo like the baby... (112kb) 2001/11/28
8.The strawberry which Junbo sees for the first time. (503kb) 2001/12/01
9. The strawberry which Junbo sees for the first time.(Part 2) (302kb) 2001/12/01
10. Junbo says "Miumiu,come here!" to her.
(The black lump is Miumiu.)
11.Junbo and the Christmas tree.
(leans a head to the left and see it, please.)
12.Junbo which drinks orange juice (163kb) 2001/12/06
13.Junbo eats an orange.(263kb) 2001/12/10
14.Kick the camera. (255kb) 2001/12/11
15.Peppers (308kb) 2001/12/11
16.Hanging in front of my camera (149kb) 2001/12/13
17.Miumiu which doesn't move. (172kb) 2001/12/13
18.Junbo eats the grape. (236kb) 2001/12/14
19.His cage mate. (213kb) 2001/12/16
20.He likes a corner. (488kb) 2001/12/16
21.His mood is good today. (343kb) 2001/12/21
22.The duck (443kb) 2001/12/23
23.Junbo grumbles at my camera. (340kb) 2001/12/25

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