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+++ The page of a lot of pretty birds, which has a posting photograph BBS.(Japanese)

+++ Made by yuri. She made pretty bird goods ,which are also possible to buy. (Japanese)

+++ Hear the too interesting chattering of Housuke, an african grey parrot.(Japanese)

HAPPY BIRD TOY +++ The shop of parts of the toy for birds. It is possible to make an original toy by choosing parts. It is fun !(Japanese)
+++ The page of Karen in Canada, filled with pictures of Brodie. There is WebRing.(English)

Hani-Bani +++ Banri, the african grey parrot move and chat !(Japanese)

Reza Gorji Home Page +++ You can see photographs of african grey parrots all over the world.(English)

ARTTU, Timneh African Prrot +++ Arttu lives in Finland. There are photographs of Arttu ,poems and so on.(English)

Emigashira World +++ There is so interesting diary of POU,the african grey, P,the cockatiel and PUU,the white-crowned Pionus. (Japanese)

Louise the African Grey Parrot +++ Vivvi and Louise live in Sweden.It's a vrey very pretty site! You can listen to her voice and see many pictures of her.(English)

Papagaios Brasil +++ This page was made by Gustavo which lives with two Amazons, five cats and a dog in Brazil. (Portuguese)


The room of "Masuo" +++ Made by Ai who has been to the same school. There are diary, the ranking and so on.(Japanese)

soulgraffiti +++ Made by Juri. Her diary updated daily is very interesting. (Japanese)

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